Washingon Evening Star

April 21, 1934

“Little Red House”

“Little Red House”
Representative Fred K. Britten, Illinois Republican, charges that the house pictured above will become more famous than “the little green house on K street” as an incubator for governmental policy discussion. He claims “radical legislation was formulated for the administration” in the house, which is at 3238 R street. –A. P. Photo.

Britten Says Radicals Rule U. S. From “Little Red House”

“Communistic Laws” Planned by Radicals, Republican Charges — Democrats Bring Up Harding “Green House”

A “little red house in Georgetown” has sprung up today to occupy those who put stock in the Wirt “brain trust” charges.

The house, at 3238 R street, might even overshadow the famous “little green house on K street” where Harding administration policies were drawn, according to Representative Britten, Republican, of Illinois.

Britten charged in the House yesterday that it was in this house that meetings are held “which promote the communistic legislation we all talk about in the cloak rooms.” He said the Government headquarters are in the “red house,” not the White House.

Democrats Deny.

With the charges. Democrats came to their feet with denials.

“No.” shouted Representative Blanton. Texas Democrat, &ldquolit (the Government) is run by an outstanding American in the White House.”

“He takes part.&rdauo; Britten conceded.

“To whom did the gentleman refer in his statement about the little red house in Georgetown?” pursued Representative McFarlane, Democrat, of Texas.

“I referred to a little red house down in Georgetown occupied by Mr. Cohen, Mr. Corcoran and Mr. Landis.” Britten replied. “Almost every night in the week, men like Frederick C. Howe. oh. a number of men not necessarily of the highest importance, not a cabinet officer, but the men who wrote the Fletcher–Rayburn stock market bill, meet there.”

A Benjamin Cohen is an Interior Department counsel; Thomas Corcoran is a Reconstruction Finance Corporation attorney and J. M. Landis is a Federal trade commissioner. Howe is chairman of the Consumers' Advisory Council of the farm administration.

“The men who rewrote the Fletcher-Rayburn bill are there every night; the men who rewrote it the third time are there every night,” Britten continued.

It is the little red house down in Georgetown where are held the meetings which promote the communistic legislation we all talk about in the cloak rooms.

“It is the little red house in Georgetown where every night from 10 to 18 young men of communistic minds meet so-called young students.”

“Little Green House.”

“Would the gentleman prefer the ‘little green house on K street” that owned and robbed the country for 12 years?” asked Representative Truax. Democrat, of Ohio. “The Little red house in Georgetown is going to stand out more than the little green house stood out some years ago under a Republican administration.” Britten replied.

“Every night in the week. Prof. Felix Franfurter's hot dogs meet there; and they shape not all legislation, not all of certain pieces of legislation, but they shape the elements in the legislation that we refer to as radical or communistic; and the little red house is going to be printed on bank notes one of these days.”