The Hampton Cemetery

Helen West Ridgely, author of Historic graves of Maryland and the District of Columbia in 1908 described her family's Cemetery this way:

In the family vault at "Hampton," built of marble and brick, repose six and possibly seven generations of Ridgelys. Capt. Charles Ridgely, born in 1788; died June 28, 1790, made provisions in his will for the building of this vault. Tradition says that his remains, with those of his father, Col. Charles Ridgely, and other members of his family, were placed here when the city of Baltimore ran its streets through the Spring Garden property, owned by the Ridgelys, and obliterated all traces of an earlier burying ground. A complete record of those buried at Hampton begins, however, with the succeeding generation, and as one looks through the iron grating of the doorway, one sees a wall of marble slabs duly inscribed with the names of the dead. This final touch, by which a charnel house was transformed into a worthy monument to her race, was given by the late Mrs. Charles Ridgely, a granddaughter of Governor Charles Ridgely with whom the record begins.

The inscriptions are:

Governor Charles Ridgely, born Dec. 6, 1760; died July 17, 1819.

Priscilla, wife of Gov. Ridgely, died April 80th, 1814.

Charles Ridgely Jr., eldest son of Gov. Ridgely & Priscilla his wife.born August i6, 1788; died July 19, 1819.

Rebecca D. Hanson, wife of Charles W. Hanson and daughter of Governor Ridgely, born March 5, 1786; died Sept. 1887.

Chas. W. Hanson, died Dec. 8th, 1858, in the 70th year of his age.

Sophia Gough Howard, wife of James Howard & daughter of Governor Ridgely, b. July 3, 1800; d. April 18, 1828.

Priscilla Hill White. wife of Stevenson White & daughter of Governor Ridgely, born March 17, 1796, died Aprill 10, 1820.

David Latimer Ridgely, Srd 10n of Gov. Ridgely, b. Nov. 19th 1798; died 1846.

Mary Louisa, widow of David L Ridgely, born July 4th, 1808;d. Nov. 8 1863.

Eight children of D. L. & M.L. Ridgely.

John Ridgely of H., son of Gov. Ridgely, b. at Hampton Jan 9th, 1790; died at H. July 17, 1867.

Eliza E., wife of John Ridgely.of H., b. Feb. 10, 1808; d. Dec. 20, 1867. 3 infant children of John & Eliza E. Ridgely.

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas G. Ridgely, the parents of Mrs John Ridgely, and John Clemm, son of Daniel & Johanna Ridgely, a young cousin who died Sept. 16, 1889.

Charles Ridgely of H., son of John & Eliza E. Ridgely, born March 22, 1838, died at Rome, Italy, on Good Friday, March 29, 1872.

Margaretta S. Ridgely, widow of Charles Ridgely of H., b. Sept. 24, 1824. died March 31st. 1904.

Rev. Charles Ridgely Howard and John Eager Howard, brothers of Mrs. Margaretta Ridgely, her son Charles and her grandsons John Stewart and Charles, complete the number.

The vault yard, inclosed by a high brick wall and entered through an iron gateway, also shelters the dead. Here in one corner is the tomb of Julianna Howard, a sister of the late Mrs. Ridgely and a granddaughter of Governor Ridgely. She was born August 25, 1821; died May 22, 1858.

A Celtic cross marks the grave of Eliza Buckler, daughter of John and Eliza Ridgely, and the body of her first husband, John Campbell White, reposes beside her. She was born ctober 28, 1828; died March 8, 1894.

John Campbell White departed this life February 6, 1868, in the 28th year of his age. Near him is the grave of an infant son. An antique altar tomb is inscribed:

To the Memory of Eliza Ridgely, wife of N. G. Ridgely and daughter of M. and E. Eichelberger, Departed this life the 10th of February, 1803, A few hours after the birth of an only. Daughter, aged 19 years and 2 months.

On the opposite side of the inclosure is a modern marble cross to the memory of Howard Ridgely, the third son of Charles and Margaretta S. Ridgely, born January 7, 1855; died September 28, 1900.

There are also several unmarked graves level with the ground. Periwinkle overruns the whole inclosure and, with the ancient ivy on the walls, enables the spot to retain its beauty throughout the changing seasons of the year.