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Thirty Dollars Reward

Ran Away from subscriber, at Trenton Ferry, a Mulatto women named Rachel, a lusty lusty tall woman, and very big with child; had on a striped lincey petticoat, and a large white cloth cloak; has with her a large bag of cloaths and a blanket; she pretends that she is free, as she has been stolen by a soldier these two years from her master, and has been in camp. She took with her a boy call Bob, about six years old, her own child, and appears to be white with-out close examination; the boy has on a brown cloth coat, cznabigs overalls, shoes, and a hat with a gold band round it; he appears sickly. Whoever take up said woman and boy and secures them in any gaol, and gives information to M. Joseph Carlton, at the War office, Philadelphia, or the subscriber at camp, paid by

Mordecai Gist, Col. 3rd Reg. Com. 1st M. B.
Oct. 6.

“Thirty Dollars Reward,” Pennsylvania Packet, October 15, 1778.

Fifty Dollars Reward

Ran Away, on the evening of the seventh inst. (October) from Trenton Ferry, a likely Mulatto slave named Sarah, but since calls herself Rachel; she took her son with her, a Mulatto boy named Bob, with flaxen hair; She is a lusty wench, about thirty-four years of age, big with child; had on a striped lincey petticoat, linen jacket, flat shoes, a large white cloth cloak, and a blanket, but may change her dress as she has other cloaths with her. She was lately apprehended in the first Maryland regiment, where she pretends to have a husband, with whom she has been the principal part of this campaign, and passed herself as a free woman, Whoever apprehends said woman and boy, and will secure them in any gaol, so that their master may get them again, shall receive the above reward by applying to Mr. Blair McClenathan, of Philadephia, Capt. Benjamin Brooks, the third Maryalnd regiment, at camp or to Mr. James Sterret, in Baltimore.

6.              Mordecai Gist.

“Fifty Dollars Reward,” Pennsylvania Packet, October 24, 1778.