Where Garfield Fell

From the Washington Post

“I think it would be a most appropriate mark of reverence and respect for the illustrious dead if the Pennsylvania Railroad officials would inclose the space in the ladies' room at the Union Station where President Garfield fell,” said Gen. Henry R. MacIver. “It is true that they have designated the spot where he lay mortally wounded, but it is trampled upon every minute of the day by the ignorant and careless, and often befouled with tobacco juice. It would be only a bit of sentiment to carry out this suggestion, but sentiment, after all, plays a great part in human affairs, and I am sure the American public would appreciate the act.”

Where Garfield Fell, The New York Times,July 20, 1895, Page 2. (PDF)

See Also: Henry MacIver, Real Soldiers of Fortune, by Richard Harding Davis, 1907.