Arlington Grave asked by Ezekiel

Sir Moses, Famous Sculptor of Confederate Monument Made Deathbed Request.

A cablegram recieved in Washington came from Thomas Nelson Page American Ambassadore to Italy, announced that sir Moses Ezekiel, the American Sculptor who died a few days ago at Rome, expressed a dying wish that he be buried in the Confederate section of Arlngton National Cemetery, As a result of this request Senator Martin of Virginia will ask Congress to authorise the burial ot the artist at Arlington.

Under existing law only Confederate veterans who were residents of Washington or the vicinity may be buried in the Confederate Section at Arllngton. As Sir Moses designed the beautiful Confederate Memorial at Arlington Senator Martin believes Congress will readily grant the last wish of the famous sculptor. Sir Moses Ezekiel and Senator Martin wre warm friends. They served together with the Virginia Military Cadets a the battle of New Market. Sir Moses was born in Richmond and some of his friends believed he should be laid to rest in Hollywood, but since his dying request has be recieved they have abandoned this plan and will join with Senator Martin in seeking authority for his interment at Arlington.

The Washington Times, Friday March 30, 1917.