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Julia Marlowe as:

Barbara Frietchie,
The Frederick Girl

By Clyde Fitch

Clyde Fitch's play staring Julia Marlow as a youthful Barbara Frietchie opened in 1899. Everett Shinn's 1900 painting of Julia Marlow as Barbara Frietchie is on the hard-back script of Fitch's play.

Fitch's version of the tale is embedded in a complex love story. Confederate soldiers in Frederick are ordered not to harm Barbara as she flies her Union flag, but a former beau -- the son of the Colonel who issued the protective order -- shoots her anyway. She dies bleeding on the flag and the errant soldier is ordered executed.

To Clyde Fitch
Julia Marlow
1900 — Your Grateful “Barbara

Fitch Replied:

To Julia Marlowe.

How much Barbara and I both owe to you! You crept into her very heart (and mine!) , and like the Good Fairy at the birth of the Princess, endowed her with her best gift, your own Personal Charm! How grateful I am I will try to prove by giving her to you after you yourself have made her dear to me.

Clyde Fitch.
New York, 1900.

Barbara Frietchie, The Frederick Girl, A Play in Four Acts by Clyde Fitch, 1900.

Barbara Fritchie, Julia Marlowe and Everett Shinn in The Portrait Gallery.